The State of Simulation Testing - 2015

  • sim-testing
  • clojure

As you probably know, there’s always lots of new and exciting developments in Clojure-land. One, more recent technique that has me really excited has been Simulation Testing. I’ve used Simulant to implement simulation tests on a few projects this last year with great success, and I’m really curious to hear about if/how others are using the technique.

To that end, I’ve put together a survey on sim-testing–The State of Simulation Testing–that I hope can become an annual fixture both inside and outside of the Clojure community. Once the ballots have closed on February 20th, I’ll tally and report upon the results on this blog.

If you’ve considered, implemented or even out-right rejected simulation testing, I’d love to hear more from you:

Take the Survey!

Thanks for your time!

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